First Choice Occupational Medicine and Disability

Make the right choice for work comp care.

Make the right choice for work comp care.

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Dr. Joseph T. Hebl

First Choice Occupational Medicine and Disability focuses on:
• evaluating and treating work-related injuries
and illness, as well as personal injuries;
• providing return-to-work and activity-restrictions,
functional capacity determinations, and disability
• promoting the overall well-being of a company’s

Dr. Joseph T. Hebl, M.D., J.D., has worked in the field of
Occupational Medicine in the Chippewa Valley for more than
two decades. From 1991-1997, he established and directed the
first combination Urgent Care/Occupational Medicine Clinic
in the Chippewa Valley, at Group Health Cooperative, a clinic
that became part of Marshfield Clinic in 2007.

In 1998, Dr. Hebl began a full-time practice of evaluating and
treating injured workers, personal injury and disability cases
at Mayo Clinic. In addition, he served as Medical Director of
Employee Health for more than 4,000 employees of the Mayo
Health System, Chair of the Mayo Health System Employee
Safety Committee, and Assistant Director of Occupational
Medicine from 1998 - 2011.

Dr. Hebl retired from the Mayo Clinic in July 2011 to open his
own practice. With a doctorate in both medicine and law, Dr.
Hebl offers the highest level of confidential, comprehensive,
and compassionate care. Over three decades, he has had
more than 100,000 patient encounters, with referrals
from physicians from nearly all specialties, chiropractors,
therapists, employers, case managers, and attorneys, from
across the Midwest.

Mission Statement

After more than two decades of working within numerous corporate
health care settings, and with more than 1,000 companies in the
Chippewa Valley, we set out, on our own, to create a new model for a
patient-centered, employer-friendly, occupational medicine center.
We pledge to work passionately to achieve the following goals:

1.) To provide the best quality occupational medicine,
personal injury, and disability evaluations and treatments,
at a reasonable price, in a comfortable, compassionate and
confidential setting, for all injured or disabled individuals,
employers, case managers, and attorneys who choose our

2.) To exercise our best medical judgment, in evaluating
patients judiciously, carefully utilizing diagnostic testing,
ancillary services, and referrals, so as to return the injured
person to his/her pre-injury level of functioning.

3.) To facilitate open and honest communication with all
employees and employers and their representatives,
regarding work-related injuries by:
a.) soliciting all parties to assist in gathering
accurate information regarding the alleged
work injury, any pre-existing condition(s), the
patient’s job description, and return-to-work
b.) keeping the employer/representative apprised
of the medical status of each injured worker, the
proposed treatment plan, the return-to-work
restrictions, and follow-up care; and
c.) being available to answer questions from
employers and employees, and their
representatives throughout the course of the
evaluation and treatment of the injured patient.

4.) To promote the broad development of light-duty and/
or restricted-duty assignments, and other measures, to
encourage a rapid return-to-work for all injured workers.

5.) To assist employers, when requested to do so, with the
development and implementation of a customized health
and safety program for workers.